"The Fire Down Below" was a job in Tide of Terror of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.  


#1 - #2: To your left, as soon as you enter this area, will be a small clue bottle safe where you'll find the first two clues.

#3: The first furnace you come across has a bottle on the top.

#4: This one is above the second furnace. Hop on the platform of the furnace to collect it.

#5: This one is found hanging above the first bridge you come across. Just be mindful of all the lava below.

#6: This clue is on top of a furnace door ahead. Just slam it shut to collect it.

#7: This bottle sits on a pipe to the left. To reach it, hop on top of the lower pipe to the right and jump again from there.

#8 - #9: Behind the nearby batches of coal nearby two clues. Destroy the coal for some extra coinage as well.

#10: The next bottle is seen dangling next to the spin machine. If you would like, hop on the small exhaust pipe to collect it.

#11- #13: Three more clues sit on small round platforms above the mobile hooks. You can also reach these platform via the small exhaust.

#14: Right by the signal repeater is lone bottle sitting between two very hot and really big pipes.

#15 - #18: Once you take out the mallet walrus and welding walrus, you should see four clues on pipes.

#19 - #22: In the next room, you will spot four more clues sitting behind batches of coal, three behind one batch and another by itself.

#23 - #24: A small clue safe sits next to the spinning wheel. Bust it open to grab two more clues.

#25 - #28: After breaking the window open with the spinning wheel, you'll see two clues as you begin walking along the conveyor belt. Two more are found as you continue along the belt.

#29 - #30: The last two clues are also hanging from the ceiling, by the pathway right before the treasure key.



Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 1 - The Fire Down Below - Platinum-0

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 1 - The Fire Down Below - Platinum-0