"Muggshot's Turf" was a job and hub level in Sunset Snake Eyesof Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.  


On the south side of the bridge is the first level "A Rocky Start." On the right side of the hotel is "Boneyard Casino." Right by it is a walkway that goes up and around, leading to "At the Dog Track." Underneath is a dangling train car, leading to "Murray's Big Gamble."

After collecting a total of three treasure keys, the car in the middle can be turned on, which allows you to enter the hotel. Inside are three more levels. To the right is "Two to Tango." On the left is "Back Alley Heist," which is accessed by spire jumping. Near that is "Straight to the Top," which is also accessed by spire jumping. Straight ahead is a large statue of Muggshot's head, which, after seven keys are collected, opens to take you to the boss fight "Last Call."