"A Deadly Dance" was a job and boss level in Vicious Voodoo of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It is here
that Sly confronts Mz. Ruby, the Chief Mystic and third member of the Fiendish Five inside her Skull Temple.  


Boss AttacksEdit

Mz. Ruby will use her voodoo magic to try and stop you. You must dodge her attacks by pressing , , , or .

First ProcessEdit

Mz. Ruby will use her voodoo magic to make the Skull Templecome to life and use its alligator jaws to crush you. The molars are safe to jump on, but the canines are dangerous as they connect with the upper canines on every beat. You must jump from molar to molar according to the boss battle's music. Once this is done, you will reach Mz. Ruby and hit her, making her disappear and warp to a far location of the temple.

Second ProcessEdit

Mz. Ruby suggests playing a game of Voodoo Simon Says. You must repeat everything Mz. Ruby does to avoid her voodoo attacks. Mz. Ruby proceeds to project voodoo magic to you, which you must dodge using the same sequence of buttons.  is a dodge to the right, and  to the left.  is a duck and  is a jump.

You will begin by hitching a ride on Mz. Ruby's servant, Chumley, who swims slowly over towards her and there is no  in the sequence until the very end.

Third ProcessEdit

After hitting her a second time, she warps somewhere else and you will have to jump from spire to spire to reach her, with nearly every sequence ending with an . Each sequence is slightly longer, containing different combinations of ,,, and.

Final ProcessEdit

The third time, you will hop onto a mosquito and the pace is dramatically increased, with no  notes until the last one. You must do several different sequences of , , and  as you make you way to her. As you draw closer, you must dodge several sets of three  notes, each one getting faster and faster. The final note is an  that kills the mosquito and sends you to land near her, giving you the opportunity to finish her.

Once she is defeated, Mz. Ruby reveals the location of the next Fiendish Five member, and she gives up her part of the Thievius Raccoonus.



Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 3 - A Deadly Dance - Platinum

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Walkthrough - World 3 - A Deadly Dance - Platinum