"Disco Demolitions" was a job for Bentley in The Black Chateauof Sly 2: Band of Thieves. This is Bentley's first job
and serves as a tutorial.  



Bomb all four support columns to the disco ball to drop it.

How to CompleteEdit

Upon reaching the mission marker, Bentley will enter the door that Neyla led you to during "Moonlight Rendezvous." Once you get inside, Sly will give you a tutorial on how to use Bentley's bombs. To destroy the wall of lasers, press  to place a bomb on the computer next to it. Make sure you stay clear of the explosion though, as they can hurt Bentley as well. Once the lasers are gone, go forward. A flashlight guard is blocking the corridor. Here, Sly will give you a tutorial on how to use Bentley's Sleep Darts. Open your binocucom with the , aim it at him and fire a tranquilizing dart with  to put him to sleep. While he is asleep, quickly place a bomb next to him and move away. The bomb will immediately take him out. Next, use another explosive on the nearby wall of lasers to take it out. Move forward and you will reach the disco room.

The first pillar you must destroy is directly to the left of you. Jump down and place an explosive to destroy it. Run up the ramp to the left and stop at the top were you will see another guard. Put him to sleep and bomb him. The next pillar is directly beside the door, so plant another explosive and proceed. Take out the third guard and run across to destroy the third pillar. This will likely alert the final guard. Fire a dart at him before he attacks, and then carry on as usual. The fourth and final pillar is straight ahead, so take care of it.

After you destroy the four pillars, the disco ball will fall off and crash to the ground. After that is done, it's job complete.



Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Episode 1 - Disco Demolitions

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Episode 1 - Disco Demolitions