Roblox:- Work At A Pizza PlaceEdit

The free ROBLOX game, created by Dued1, is a popular Role Playing Game. It focuses on players, working at a pizza place. There are 7 different roles that can be played. Manger, cook, cashier, pizza boxer, supplier, delivery.


The manager is one of the most sought-out roles as only one player may be manager at a time. It is the managers job to make sure workers are doing their job, deal with misbehaving players and promoting players. If the manager right-clicks on a character an options box opens. It contains options such as Give Bonus, Make Employee of the Day, Put Back To Work, Kick Pkayer and Quit My Job.

Give BonusEdit

Make Employee of the DayEdit

Put Back To WorkEdit

Kick PlayerEdit

Quit My JobEdit



Pizza BoxerEdit



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